World Peace Tournament

Plano TT Club and World Peace TT Tournament

World Peace Table Tennis Tournament (WPTTT) was initiated by Plano Multicultural Outreach
Roundtable (MCOR). MCOR is organized by volunteer citizens serving as government liaisons
to the various ethnic and cultural groups within the city of Plano.

The first WPTTT was started on year 2004, it was organized by Thomas Tsang and Jon Liu
from Plano Table Tennis Club. Plano Table Tennis Club has 1100+ members from more than 20
countries, we practice the table tennis at the following recreation centers:

  • Liberty Recreation Center
  • Tom Muehlenbeck Recreation Center
  • Carpenter Center

WPTTT has grown up very rapidly. Today, it is the biggest table tennis tournament in DFW area
with 150+ participated players from North Texas area. The uniqueness of WPTTT is it promotes
the fun of ping-pong for the whole community instead of just for skilled players. So, kids and
beginners are all welcome to participate this tournament. We have many different skill levels of events
for you to choose.

Through the sport, players from different ethnic groups can have fun and make friends at the
same time. This is the best way to promote mutual understanding and harmony for diversified

Since 2006, WPTTT is organized by Jon Liu and Cliff Wong. Jon is also the founder and
President of Plano Table Tennis Club. WPTTT is growing very fast, it expanded to 24
tournament tables and is held twice a year since 2008. Since 2011, WPTTT is expanded to play
on 2 weekend days instead of one.

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