World Peace Fall Tournament 2014

Finally, the most exciting moment is here now.  We are very proud to roll out the 2014 Fall World Peace Table Tennis Tournament, The tourney will be held on 11-15 and the registration deadline is 11-09.  Please review the WP entry forms with different formats from the following links:  

2014_WP_Fall_Word or 2014 WP Image (JPG format)

or visit the WP Registration Page

There are many TT tourneys in DFW area, but we are the largest one.  We have more players, more tables and more spectators than any other DFW tourneys.  So, we have more fun than any other tourneys, because all local TT lovers are under the one roof on 11-15.  Please bring in your family and friends to enjoy many eye opening performance.

We add a new event – U3300 Doubles to this tourney. We would like to build the team spirit and also entice the TT fun.  You are not only looking for an ordinary partner, you need to look for a “Soul Mate”.   Both players need to know each other’s playing style and the serves very well.  You need to communicate clearly for every serve signal and come up a specific war plan to against your opponents.  Please register for this fun event.

Since 85% of our members are Chinese, I need to put a few Chinese sentences in here to promote the WP. If you can not read Chinese, please bypass it and accept my sincere apology.  全民大拉練,不分工農兵,不分老中青, 一起來報名。

Summer News

Summer Clinic - Jack Zhang
Summer Clinic Bryan
Good-By to Henry:
There are many things going on recently. First, we need to say Good-By to Henry Hu. He was from Beijing, China, his company sent him to Plano to work on a telecom project last year. Henry is a die-hard TT player. But to his most pleasant surprise, he was arrived to the Ping Pong Shangrila, he can find more and better TT players in here than Beijing. Henry will go back to China on 06-27, we appreciate he spent the good time with us and we hope he will have a safe trip.
Lost and Found:
If anyone lost a Galaxy paddle case at Carpenter Center, then please contact me. Our member Dr. Li lost his paddle case at Liberty, his ID card is inside the case. If anyone found it, please turn in to Liberty Help Desk staff, or turn in to Dr. Li, Cliff or me.
Extremely Successful TT seminar:
On 06-22(Sunday), our club organized a free TT clinic seminar. Thanks to Jack Zhang and Bryan Wu who were the seminar coaches. Please review the attached pix, they demon the basic skills and played with individual players to improve their skills. It is an extremely successful and helpful seminar, we will organize more seminars in this summer.
2014 USATT Open Tourney:
USA largest TT tourney will take place at Grand Rapids, Michigan, from 07-01 thru 07-05. Many Plano players will participate this event, please click the following link to get more tourney info:
2014 Joola/NA Southern Open:
This event will he held on 09-06, 09-07 at Round Rock, Tx, it is near Austin. I am very sure many Plano players will participate this tourney too. 

Summer Feast Delight









School is closed and the summer is arriving, it is the great time for us to enjoy more ping-pong fun. Since our club’s primary goal is to promote the TT sport, we are going to organize several free TT clinic seminars. We will invite the qualified coaches to demon the right ways of forms and motions to play TT, also the coach will practice with individual player to identify and correct is or her problems.  The best method to improve TT skill is to play the right way instead of your ways.  The first seminar will be held on:

Date:  06-22 (this coming Sunday)

Time:  2:30 thru 3:30 PM

Location: TM Center Gym

We will use the practicing table in front of the storage room. NO reservation is required. You just drop by TM Center and write your name on the sign-in white board – first come & first serve.  Please remember, this is a clinic session, it is not a training session, you need to already own basic TT skills.  Also, please feel free to ask any questions to the coach. This seminar is free and opened to the public, anyone can participate.  But you need to be a rec center member otherwise you need to pay the entrance fee.

It is my great pleasure to introduce an elite youth member – Jack Zhang as the first seminar coach.  Jack is a 2000 rating player, he was just graduated from Liberty High School. Congratulation to Jack, he is accepted by TAMS program at University of North Texas recently. For those people who don’t know about the TAMS, this is a program for gifted students, it is very difficult to get accepted. We also call it Pre-Ivy school, because most graduates go to Ivy League school.

Being the President and Coach of Liberty High School, Jack has plenty of coaching experience. Even he is young, he won several national and local tourney champions.  Besides, Jack also organized a very successful TT tourney in Liberty High School recently.

This seminar services two purposes – it polishes our members’ ping-pong skills, at the same time, it also helps our youth  members to build up the coaching, communication, organizational and leadership skills. There are many 2000+ rating youth TT players around USA. But, we are very proud to say that ONLY at Plano, our youth players got many extra dimensional trainings. Most of them already have the USATT Referee Certificate, because our club have hosted the 2012 USA Collegiate National TT Championship at Plano. Now, we provide them with coach training, so they can have the best qualifications to apply for college TT assistant coach positions, it may save parent’s money in the future.

If you can not make the seminar at this coming Sunday, no worry, we will hold a series of  TT clinic seminars by various youth players during this summer. Some coaches’ rating may even as high as 2250+.  But if we can not draw enough interest, then we will be forced to cancel the rest of seminars.  So, please show your love and support to ping-pong.

Let us have the summer fun together  ! !

2014 World Peace TT Tournament News

Congratulations to the WINNERS of the 2014 Spring World Peace Table Tennis Tournament.

We have another great World Peace tournament on 05-17, thanks for all the participants and volunteers. Very sorry for the delay to post the tourney results and pix, because we need to work on our email list. Since we have 800 members on our distribution list, most email service websites treat our email as Spams. One VERY important advice is to check your spam folder frequently.  

Please review the following WP event results. Big congratulations to all winners. Especially, the Open Single winner Harry Sikand was from San Antonio. He participated WP at four years ago, since then he was connected with our club thru email. Harry is using two different pips on both sides, he gave our players a good taste on how to fight with pip players.

Open Single:  1. Harry Sikand    2. Brandon Chow

Open Double:  1. Tiaming Xie/Henry  Chu   2.  Brandon Chow/ Max  Bu

U-1000:  1. Jonathan Lu   2. Mathew Lee

U-1350:  1.  Tiffany Man   2.  Ausitn C

U-1600:  1. Faraz Kasmani  2.  Kashif Saeed  3.  Sam Cao

U-1800:  1.  Song Qin   2.  Gopal Krishamvrthy l

U-2000: 1.   Tony Zhu  2. Benjamin Li

U-2250:   1.   Tianming Xie  2. Ramkumar lyer

45+ Yrs:   1.  Simon Feng   2. Jesse Yen

We need to thank Grant and Cliff who took many wonderful WP pix.  You can find Cliff’s pix at our club’s PHOTOS/VIDEOS section and Grant’s album can be seen by clicking HERE

We also have several important announcement msg:

  1. Liberty Center will setup ping-png tables on Memory Day from 1:30 thru 5:30 pm.
  2. WP U1000 event has a third place trophy, but the players don’t know that. I need to organize a catch up game to find the third place winner. For those two players who lost in U1000 semi finals games, please mail me at
  3. We found a lost paddle, it is Butterfly Viscaria FL. Anyone lost it, plz email me your phone number.
  4. Dona’s Spring tourney will be held on June 14. Anyone interest, plz check

Again, thanks for your participation, so we could have such great event. Let us do it again on our next WP.


IMG_2016.JPG IMG_2055.JPG IMG_2057.JPG IMG_2059.JPG IMG_2061.JPG IMG_1772-SMILE.jpg

Tom Muehlenbeck Center Closed Sunday 5/18/2014

Due to the tournament that was held on 5/17, Tom Muehlenheck Center will be closed on Sunday (5/18/2014).

Sorry for the late notice.


WP Tournament Entree Final Days

We are so excited that WP is just around the corner. Please come in earlier and stay longer to enjoy the fun.
There are 3 msgs:
  1. We need a few good men to setup the tables on Friday (05-16) 8 pm sharp at TMC. We have many new members, please come in to help us and also get a wonderful taste on how to prepare a big tourney.
  2. U-2000 event is scheduled on 1:30pm, last year it was scheduled on 2:30 pm. This is the only event which has changed.
  3. If you purchased our club’s shirt, please don’t forget to wear it on WP, so you can get one extra FREE raffle ticket.
See you all on 05-17.  Thanks.

Jon Liu

Introducing MailChimp (replacing Yahoo Groups)

Since we have moved away from Yahoo Groups, we have been looking for a good way to keep everyone updated on the latest news. We have recently started a service with MailChimp and you should be getting emails sent to you for the latest news and upcoming events. Please ensure that you check your SPAM or JUNK folder since it is likely that it will end up there and also make sure that you mark that as “NOT SPAM” so that mails from us will arrive safely on your INBOX. Thank you!


Table for Sale / Donna’s Tourney on 01-18

Please review the following email from  Gombos, he has a good quality ping-pong table for sale.   If anyone is interested, please call him directly.
I have a DHS T-1223 ITTF APPROVED table tennis table for sale. I NEED TO SELL IT BY TOMORROW, Tuesday 12/31. I play on it less than 10 -15 times.
Retail price on dhs America. Com is $1,499.00
I sell it by tomorrow for $600.  I live at 6306 diamond head cir Dallas TX 75225.
Thank you,
Ludovic Gombos,  425-761-5527 cell
Donna is organizing a TT tourney on 01-18-2014, it is conveniently located at Frisco. If anyone is interested,  please click the following link:
-  Entry Form:    Tourney_ Donna
We have many new members to join our club on every month, but some people don’t know that our club has a professional designed website  –  It has many helpful and dynamic table tennis info and links.  If you surf our website, it can generate few cents to our club. Even it is very pitiful money, but it is still better than nothing.
Since 85% of members are Chinese,  we partnered with the North Texas largest  Chinese portal –   It has many useful info and also give you the most current community news.
2013 is almost over, hope everyone has a wonderful new 2014 year ! !

2013 US TT Nationals

2013 US TT National championship was held at Las Vegas from 12-17 thru 12-21.   One of the purpose of this event is to select the USA national TableTennis team members. So, all players needs to be USA citizens.  Too bad, this citizenship requirement caused several Plano players couldn’t make this trip.


For the tourney results please click  For the video tapped games, please click December/17/2013-US-National-Championships

– Please review the pictures    National Pix


Even the National games were played at Las Vegas, but I setup a War Room at my house to monitor the results closely.   Thanks to the Internet, so I can know everything happens at Las Vegas at a real time mode. OurPlano youth players got very good results.   Joy Li who made the Cadet Girl A Team, it means she will represent the USA national youth team to participate many international TT tournaments.   Joy with rating 2070 came into the Girl Cadet event as the 7th seed players.   She beat Laura Huang 2165 3rd seed and almost upset the 1st seed Crystal Wang. Joy’s little brother Jonathan, rating 2155, he made the quarter final at U2300 event.

Congratulations to Joy and her family. She is the first girl in North Texas who ever got this Cadet A Team honor.  But, I am very sure she will not be the last one. Because we have many younger girls in Plano who would like to carry over the torch and march to the international stage.   One good example is Tia Hsieh.

Tia with rating 1790, she beat a girl who is 150+ points above her with only 3 straight games. This shows us she has very strong fighting power. Tia won the 2nd place in girl under 10 yrs and also won the 2nd place in Girl mini cadet. What the mini cadet means, it is a certificate for the future cadet.

Another shining star is Tianming Xie. With 1968 rating, he is the 68th seed player in U2100 event. But, he consistently beat several players who were 100+ points above him. Tianming got 2nd place in both U2100 and U2000. It is not easy to win even just one trophy in such national event, but Tianming got 2.   No wonder I heard many kids would like to share the trophies with Tianming. Bryan Wu with 1959 rating, won the 3rd place in U2000 event.   Gee, Plano players took away 2 out of 3 trophies from the U2000 event.

There is a promising star rising from this tourney – Evan Lai with 1811 rating. He won the 2nd place in U1900 event. Evan was collided with anotherPlano youth player Ben Li 1807 rating at the quarterfinals game. Too bad, otherwise Ben may win extra trophy for Plano.

An interesting event is the father and son pair, Kam 1787/Joshua 1838 Mak, they both played at U1800 event. They both also entered into the quarterfinals with different opponents. If they could play at the same quarterfinals game, then I am very sure the father would allow his son to win over him with 3 easy games.

Kam and Joshua not only went to Las Vegas together, but also could play together. These are very precious moments in our life. When kids grow up, they will stay farther away from us.  I took my son to Las Vegas tourney twice. Besides the games, we also enjoyed many good times from the amusement parks and magician shows at Las Vegas.  That is one thing I like tourney the most, it makes the family members tightened more.   Hehe, some parents, please don’t do the other way around !!

All of the National tourney families are on their way home, hope they have a safe trip. There is no better place than our sweet home.

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year !!


WP is Canceled/ North American Team Tournament Results

We already canceled 12-07 World Peace Tournament.  We will forward your money and form to the next WP which will be 2014 Spring.  If you need refund, please send your request to our club Treasurer – James  at I am very sorry for the cancellation and any inconvenience.

The 2013 Joola North American Team Tournament was held on Nov 29 – Dec 1 at National Harbor, MD.  Totally, 215 teams with 864 players were participated this big event. The big USA table tennis tournaments were dominated by USATT Open and National events. Joola has been trying hard to find another market nitche. It seems they are very successfully to organize and promote the Team event.   It is growing bigger and popular every year.

If you need to know more info about the 2013 North American Team Tournament, please click By the way, we are very proud that the Joola is also our club’s World Peace TT Tournament sponsor. Two premium TT entities are hand in hand together to promote the TT sport diligently in USA.

Plano, as the ping-pong hotbed city in USA, of course would not miss this big tourney. 3 Plano teams marched to North American Team Tournament. The first team is Jonathan Li, Brandon Gardener and Bernard. The second team is Tia, Jonathan, Even and Michael. The third team is Tianming Xie, Bryan Wu, Zhihan Chu.

After 3 days’ fierce fights, Tianming 12 yrs, rating 1954,   Bryan 14 yrs 1959,  Zhihan 14 yrs, rating 1946 won the Division 5 with 3rd place. Congratulations to this team !!   I know these 3 kids very well, they all have long lists of national TT championship titles, plus many other talents.

For example, Zhihan is a top ranking “GO” (围棋)  player. Go is a strategicboard , trellis chessboard and chess black and white two-color pieces performed. Zhihan is not only an all straight A+ student, but also received the excellence award when he was graduated from middle school.

Bryan should be a role model for all kids. Besides playing ping-pong so well, he is also an excellent violent player with All Region awards since he was 6th grade.  The most amazing thing is Bryan could self-study several math classes, so he can take many advanced classes which are one or even two year ahead of his peers.

If you think Zhihan and Bryan are too good to be true, then you have not seen an impossible kid.  Tianming is a famous world class chess champion. He won 2011 US Junior Open 1st place and 2011 Texas Primary Championships 1st place.  On 2011,  Tianming represented the US Junior Chess team went to World Youth Chess Championships at   Brazil, he won the 2nd place.

Wow, are these 3 kids real ?   I am deeply admiring their parents very much. These kids are not only talent and gifted, the most important  thing is they are all very humble and polite with good manner.   They are perfect on all aspects, our club is so lucky to have so many fine youth players.

Another Plano team – Tia, Jonathan, Even and Michael. They were made up by a group of very young players. They are the raising stars of our future hopes. Even they didn’t get any trophy at this time, but the time is on their side. Many big brothers and big sisters already setup the right path and guidance in front of these younger players.  We are together as a big ping-pong family, so we can enjoy lots of fun from ping-pong.

The third team had 2 familiar Plano members, Brandon and Johnathan Li. Brandon will go to UTD on next year, so we will see him often at Plano Rec Center. Johnathan is playing a lot at Liberty Center. We call him a “Little Tiger”, because he is so young, but he is so powerful and dangerous. Johnathan/Brandon/Bernard team got into the Division 2 with the lowest rating points. So, every game was tough fight. Their team almost could make to the semi-final that is quite an achievement. Too bad, what they need was a little luck.   But one thing is for sure, both Johnathan/Brandon had very good time, that is what it counts.